Saturday, May 22, 2010

The Last Mile

So here we are at last, the final outing. Will it answer all of our questions? I doubt it, but it should answer more then a few.


First of all I have to apologise for my absence throughout most of this season. This season has been an unusual one, with the answers/new questions ratio finally tipping in favour of answers there has just been a whole lot less to debate and discuss and many of the pieces have fallen fairly neatly into place, pretty much where we expected (such as with Jack being the chosen one). However, I have really enjoyed this season and am looking forward to the finale, even though it means the end of an era.

At this stage we think we know a lot, but of course Lost is a show that likes to show us that we really know nothing. So what do I think we know? Well on the topic of Jacob, Adam (I’m going to refer to the current incarnation of the Smoke Monster as Adam as it’s the only name that character has ever been given), and the light:

  • The island is older then Jacob and Adam, so it’s story pre-dates theirs and we are yet to see it (and it’s possible we won’t).
  • The “Light” at the centre of the island is very important. Should it be destroyed it would be very bad for everyone. We don’t know why.
  • Should someone go into the light they become a Smoke Monster and are tied to the island (presumably by the light).
  • Being tied to the island inevitably leads a Smoke Monster to want to destroy the light and so the island needs a protector.
  • While the island has a protector only they and people they allow can find the light. This is why Jacob needed a replacement and why the island needed a protector even before Adam became a Smoke Monster. It also seems Smoke Monsters can’t harm the protector or potential protectors (not sure how that one works).
  • It seems very likely (given the ancient hieroglyphs) that Adam was not the first smoke monster. If that is so, then it seems it can be destroyed. Unless the non-Adam Smoke Monster was not sentient as such and could be controlled by the Protector (perhaps used to kill Adams camp). Perhaps the suggestion here is that it can be cleansed of the human spirit inhabiting it.

All that still leaves the big questions: When did all this start (the light, island and any proto-Smokeys) and how does it effect the outside world.

So how about how things will turn out on the island? Here are a few thoughts:

  • It seems to me that Ben wanted to know what Widmore knew and the only way to reliably get that info was to have him die and get Miles to use his ability to get the info. He knows he couldn’t trust Widmore to tell him, nor could he trust Widmore to tell the truth to Adam or Adam to tell him the truth. If there is one thing Ben knows really well it is deception after all! This suggests why they spent time making sure Ben could get in contact with Miles via the walkies.
  • Desmond is obviously key to both Widmore and Adam’s plans. He also seems to be key to what is going on with the sideways reality. So that suggests that the two are very much linked together themselves. Can Desmond be consciously active in both realities and working towards a goal tied in both?
  • We’ve all no doubt noticed that for most of the Losties the sideways reality is significantly better then the Island reality. Most notably for all of the ones that are dead in the Island reality. But will it turn out to be a way for the Island reality guys to have a happy ending or is it some kind of Devils Paradise? It could just be a side effect of damaging the islands light by nuking near it’s source (perhaps suggesting that if the island is destroyed it would un-write all of time?), but then why all the action over there?

To be honest I do not have a firm theory for this conclusion and that is really the way I prefer it at this stage. It’s also important not to forget while all the mysteries are being answered that there will be a number of personal stories concluding in this episode. Despite all the complexities and puzzles of Lost is has always really been about the characters. For the most part their personal stories could be considered concluded already, but I think we can still expect more.

Anyway, that is all I have. Like everyone else I will just have to watch and find out. So to everyone, good luck and Namaste.


Sayid'sgirl said...

Nice post Fenris.
I'm not sure what the light is but alot of people have been trying to find it including Dhrama. Eloise told them it took a very smart person to calculate how to find the island in time and space. I'm probably way off but the light seems like hope to me.

Desmond seems aware of what's going on and what he needs to do in both time lines. I'm not a fan of the off island time being the ending. If the island isn't important and the people are happy not remembering it. Why is Desmond trying to get everyone to let go and remember? I've always thought they all belong on the island but I'm probably wrong about that to.

Can't wait for Sunday night to see how this all plays out. Nice to see you at TLC again.

Fenris said...

Thanks. :) I keep thinking that in order for this to work the sideways and island worlds need to both exist simultaneously and be relevant to each other. I have no idea how that will work.

Capcom said...

Very good thoughts, Fenris!

I really wanted some information on what the island was, after all that was alluded to about its importance, how the island itself was a character on the show, etc. Especially now after seeing the water, light, smoke, and all that.

Finding out that the FS was just the afterlife kind of left me flat and didn't really do anything for me personally. And it seemed a bit schmaltzy and emotionally manipulative. Much more heavy on the faith side than the science, to use Lost vernacular. I was really surprised how unattached I ended up feeling about The End after it was over.

Nevertheless, it was a fun show while it lasted and I very much enjoyed all the friends made online, including you Mr. Fenris.